So the Doc prescribes me Metformin 500.

But I’ve heard bad things, stomach ulcers and gastric problems for starters. I ignore the tablets for a week, can’t I just do this on diet alone…..

My BMI is 33 @ 98kgs, according to the NHS guidelines I should weight 75kgs (gulp).

Time for a low carb low GI diet.

I start with meal replacement shakes, USN Diet Whey Protein to be exact, twice a day mixed with skimmed milk.

I’m what now ??

So I go the doc’s for a shoulder injury, this turns out to be damage to my rotator cuff and a trapped nerve behind my left shoulder blade. In the process he sends me off for a blood test to investigate wether there is any sort of viral blood infection. The results come back a week later and I pop in again for quick chat and to check if the anti-inflammatory tablets are working.

How you feeling he asks ?

Okay but loads of pain still, neck is also stiff and I have stiffness down my left arm now.

Mmmm he murmurs, keep taking the Naproxen and painkillers if you need them.

An uneasy silence, a subtle shift in the seat.

Guess what he says, your Diabetic, type 2

I can hear the tumbleweed rolling by……………..


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